Here is the stream assets I use for transitions and titles. You will need Adobe Premiere or After Effects to use them. Some have exported transparent MOVs that can be directly put into Streamlabs. 

PLEASE DONT SNITCH! Also, for trigger fyre you can convert the MOVs to gifs.

Liquid Motion Transitions (AE Template) (MOVs Only)

Cartoon Fire FX (AE Template) (MOVs Only)

Cartoon Energy Charges (AE Template) (MOVs Only)

150 Splatter Animations  (AE Template) (MOVs Only)

Cartoon and Scribble Elements (AE Template) (MOVs Only)

Cartoon Smoke Titles (AE Template)

Old Screen Logo Reveal (AE Template)

Programs I use (all free)

Trigger Fyre - Use ! commands to trigger images and videos. Works with channel points too!

Discord Image Pop Up Tutorial - Use still images or 2 frames to make you avatar speak when you do!

OBS Streamlabs - This is what I use to stream!